Preparing for the future

Is it uncommon to start saving for your retirement at the age of 16? I think it is, only because financial knowledge isn’t taught very well in school. I think economics should be mandatory, because most people can’t go more than 2 days without working before start running out of money. I’ve decided to portion my paycheck into thirds: personal, savings, and investments. Since I don’t have any bills, I might as well put some money away for a rainy day. I also used some online investment calculators, and since interest is exponential growth, the fact that I started saving at 16 means I’ll have way more retirement money.


Unless something unfortunate happens and I lose my house or something, and then I have to put all my money towards something just so I can survive. Currently I’m making around $12 an hour, but my work is not guaranteed. I will always have work to do, I just mean that I’m not guaranteed any amount of work hours in a week. Sometimes I consider working off commissions instead of being paid a fixed salary, but each one has its pros and cons I guess. On the plus side, I would be one of the few people in my grade that worked off of commission, if not the only one. Most of my classmates work at fast food, grocery stores, or call centers anyway. With my kind of workload, I might need to call one of the best Reno Chiropractors soon.


Since I’m on the topic of my future, I’m also thinking about housing in my future too. For a while, I’ve been planning on being roommates with my best friend. It’s taboo for a boy and girl to live together if they’re not dating, so it probably wouldn’t be the best idea. But I wouldn’t mind having a roommate, I’d even live in an RV for a while just to build up a nest egg. I see myself as pretty minimalist, I don’t need a ton of toys or clothing to be happy. Just my video games, and a TV. One problem I can foresee is just getting bored with my small life, but that’s why I’ll be saving up money for my entire life